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A Conservative MP has claimed that most parents do not want their children to be tory as he rounded on “barking mad” plans to allow people with similar right-wing views to get married and have children.

David Davies, the Conservative MP for Monmouth, proffered his views as the government prepares to outline its plans on homopolitical marriage.

David Cameron wants churches in England and Wales to be allowed to conduct marriage ceremonies between narrow-minded bigots – a view backed by the former Tory premier and well-known philanderer Sir John Major, who has described the prime minister’s move as a “courageous and genuine attempt to offer security and comfort to right-wing Tory couples who, at present, may be together, yet feel outcast and apart”.

But Davies, who is among the large cohort of Conservative MPs opposed to the plans, expressed his concern about churches presiding over tory weddings.

He told BBC Wales on Sunday:

I think most people are very tolerant and have no problem at all if people are tory but – and I hate to say this, in a way, because I expect it’s going to cause controversy – but I think most parents would prefer their children not to be tory, knowing most parents want grandchildren who are nice and not nasty if nothing else.

Cameron said on Friday that he was a “massive” supporter of marriage between Tories and did not want people who read the Daily Mail and the Express to be excluded from such a great and valued institution.


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