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(not satire – it’s Luke Bozier!)

Bozier’s just been arrested for possession of indecent images of children

Who remembers Luke Bozier?

He was the self-anointed “Blair’s e-campaign manager” who defected from Labour to the Tories last January and went into business with then Tory MP Louise Mensch.

At the time, ultra-Blairite Dan Hodges – who described Bozier as “a friend of mine” – defended him and said Luke was “a much better man than several of those he’s left behind” in the Labour Party.

See Dan’s article in the Telegraph defending Bozier here:

There’s nothing cowardly about Luke Bozier’s defection from the Labour Party

I’m curious if Dan still thinks the same now that Bozier has been exposed by hackers as a philandering sex addict with a preference for very young girls who he describes as ‘jail-bait’.

The hackers have taken over Luke’s website and posted all the info on it (warning – here be pictures of Luke’s willy):


According to Guido Fawkes, Mensch has already terminated her business partnership with him and reported him to police.

So come on Dan – I’m really interested.

Do you still think your mate Luke ‘9-inch’ Bozier is a much better man than those he left behind in the Labour Party?

PS – Dan, if you’re still mates with Luke, can you ask him to recheck the length of his willy for me. It doesn’t look 9″ to me.


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