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An apology to the Rt Hon George Osborne MP

In several posts on my blog “Pride’s Purge”, I accept that I have made a number of untrue and defamatory statements about the Chancellor of the Exchequer Mr George Osborne.

In particular, I would like to unreservedly and sincerely apologise to Mr Osborne for any suggestions I may have made that Mr Osborne’s only job before becoming Chancellor was as a towel folder in Selfridges.

I now acknowledge that there was no truth to this statement whatsoever and I am happy to correct the position as follows:

Mr Osborne’s employment before he became MP and Chancellor was NOT as a towel folder. This is grossly misleading. After being rejected as a trainee journalist by the Times newspaper, Mr Osborne was temporarily employed by Selfridges, where his job was to pick up the towels that customers had examined but not bought, and re-shelve them, properly folded. I am therefore happy to make clear that Mr Osborne was employed as a towel RE-folder and at no point in his career was Mr Osborne employed as a mere towel folder in any department store anywhere in the UK including Selfridges.

I would therefore like to offer my sincere and unreserved apologies to Mr Osborne for suggesting otherwise and for any inconvenience and damage which this untrue statement may have caused him or his reputation.

I am also happy to correct the assertions I made on this blog that Mr Osborne may be a bit of a twat.

According to the Oxford English dictionary ‘twat’ is a vulgar synonym for a vagina.

As vaginas are rather nice and Mr Osborne quite clearly isn’t, I am sorry for any inconvenience and damage which this untrue statement in my blog may have caused.


LEGAL UPDATE: my legal advisers in the comments section below have pointed out it would be wise for me to also make a full and unreserved apology to vaginas everywhere for libellously comparing them to George Osborne – something I am more than happy to do. 


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