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(not satire – it’s UK today)

One company has stood in the way of justice in both the Hillsborough disaster and the Bryn Allyn child abuse scandals.

I’ve written before about how the child abuse victims from the North Wales children’s care home abuse case got either nothing at all or next to nothing in the way of compensation for the terrible rape and abuse they endured. This was because the care home owner’s insurance company took the victims to court and won a ruling which said they were not liable to pay.

Here’s the original article:

Justice? McAlpine gets hundreds of thousands in compensation while child victims get next to nothing

What I didn’t mention in the article is that the insurance company in question was Royal and Sun Alliance.The amount the company would have had to pay to the victims would have run to a couple of hundred thousand pounds – actually peanuts to a big international company like RSA.

But I’ve noticed RSA has popped up as the bad guys again in another scandal – the cover-up over Hillsborough.

In the case of Hillsborough, essential documents were withheld from the inquiry by just one party – who refused to assist the investigation in any way.

All individuals, public and private organisations approached by the Hillsborough Independent Panel allowed unrestricted access to their documents and other material. Except for one.

The guilty party?

Yes, that’s right. Royal and Sun Alliance again.

See this article for more info:

Hillsborough families let down by RSA

Now all I’m wondering is how long it’s going to take RSA’s solicitors to ‘ask’ me to take down this post.


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