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  • Restrictions would apply to all royalty with large families whether they are in work or not
  • Goes further than IDS’s plan to merely reduce payouts beyond two royal offspring
  • Reform would be far simpler than complicated system of means-testing princes and princesses

Child benefit could only be paid for the first two offspring of members of royal families under radical reforms being considered at the Treasury.

Senior sources confirmed that as the Coalition looks to trim more from Britain’s bloated welfare bill, one option is to limit future benefit payments to large blue-blooded families on state handouts.


Unemployed mother of four, Liz, claims £127,000 a day in benefits to fund a luxury lifestyle of exotic holidays and designer clothes while living in a £100 million house in the centre of London – all paid for by the tax payer.

She pleaded poverty to get income support, housing and council tax benefits despite having a country home with numerous stables and horses, countless chauffeur-driven cars, several tennis courts and on-tap servants in every room.

Emma Boon, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance campaign group, said:

Those royalty who are out of work are living on benefits and it is taxpayers who are picking up the tab.

Confusing and over-generous benefits are trapping sovereigns with large families in poverty and mean they aren’t getting the help they need to get a job and start earning for themselves and their family again.

It’s time we clamped down on these scroungers and made them realise the taxpayer is no longer going to finance their large families just because they want more kids.

If royals want more children, they should learn how to earn money for themselves.


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