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(satire – sort of)

An obscure breakaway political grouping known as the “Liberal Democratic Party” was celebrating last night after it surprised pundits in the Middlesbrough by-election by coming from nowhere to be beaten by mainstream party UKIP into third place by just 318 votes.

The fringe party –  said by pundits to be an offshoot of the Conservative Party made up of sandal-wearing right-wing fruitcakes –  usually expects to come last and regularly loses its deposit in elections – just as it did in the other two by-elections yesterday in Croydon North and Rotherham where it came eighth behind a strong field of candidates including three fascists and an independent.

Speaking at a celebration party last night, a spokesperson for the party said:

No-one expected us to do this well, not even ourselves. Everyone expected us to lose our deposit, the party’s completely broke so the extra 500 quid will be useful. We still decided to splash out on some champagne to celebrate though, as this will probably be the last time we ever manage to retain our deposit in any election at any time ever.


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