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(not satire – it’s today’s Tory party!)

Is this the face of modern Conservatism in the UK today?

Meet Claire Khaw.

She was thrown out of the BNP …… for being too extreme.

Apparently even the BNP couldn’t stomach Claire’s views – for example euthanasia for disabled babies:

If I had a severely disabled child or knew I was about to have one I wouldn’t impose it on the taxpayer and expect other people to pay for all the expensive equipment that it needs …

So which political party was extreme enough to accommodate Claire and her mentalist views?

Well, Claire’s just announced she’s joined the Conservative Party – describing it as “like coming home”.

No – this isn’t one of my more tasteless satires. Although whenever I come across right-wing mentalists like her I can’t help thinking they must be joking.

But unfortunately – for the Conservative Party – Claire’s real enough.

I expect we’re going to be seeing some frantic spinning from Cameron’s spin doctors over this.

A round of applause for Claire folks.

What an act.


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