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(not satire – it’s Murdoch’s gutter press)

Way back in 1995, Murdoch’s hacks at the News of the World paid a police officer a couple of hundred quid for information for a story which eventually drove the actor Denholm Elliot’s daughter Jennifer Elliott to suicide.

Jennifer was no celebrity. She was a young woman going through difficult times.

After the hatchet job done on her by Murdoch’s bullies – Jennifer hung herself.

Even the odious Murdoch hack and ex-deputy editor of the NotW Paul McMullan says he regrets it:

News of the World writer regrets suicide of Denholm Elliott’s daughter after hit piece

On the eve of the Leveson Inquiry report, let’s not forget that real innocent people’s lives have suffered at the hands of an out-of-control UK press.

In fact, Murdoch and the rest of the gutter press should be lucky all they’re facing is tighter regulation of their businesses.

I’d be tempted to put the lot of them in prison for some of the innocent people’s lives they’ve destroyed over the years.


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