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In an outspoken interview for the Observer, leading Liberal Democrat Sarah Teather said the government’s flagship plan to reduce benefits paid to families in Liberal Democrat marginal constituencies like hers were immoral because they were likely to increase hardship and unemployment amongst MPs from her party.

Ms Teather – the ex-children’s minister who was sacked from the government in September for being rubbish at stand-up comedy – said the policy would have devastating effects on large numbers of Liberal Democrat politicians whose lives will be unbearable after becoming turfed out by the electorate at the next election.

Ms Teather predicted that there would be a “reverse Jarrow march” in the run up to the next election, as Liberal Democrat councillors and their Members of Parliament head out of London and everywhere else in Britain in huge numbers, in search of new jobs.

Accusing ministers of a deliberate attempt to denigrate those Liberal Democrats who cannot find work, Teather says she saw clear evidence while in government that the policy would not save money and that it would inflict immense social damage on LibDems across the UK.

In the interview, Ms Teather also said that many of the most desperate and hardest-hit people in her party, which has become one of the most deprived parties in the country, did not realise what was about to hit them at the next election:

Clearly we couldn’t give a toss what happens to people in safe Labour seats, but it is immoral of the government to try to save money by attacking the worse off people in marginal constituencies such as mine. It’s time the government stopped attacking the most vulnerable people in society such as Liberal Democrats  –  and found ways to reduce future levels of unemployment amongst the hardest-hit MPs in the country like me.


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