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(It’s hard to believe, I know, but this is not satire)

The government has found a brilliant and sure-fire way to reduce the number of complaints it has been receiving as a result of one of the biggest privatisation fiascos it has presided over during its relatively short time in power.

It’s decided to ban people from making them.

The Ministry of Justice has recently been hailing the reduction of complaints from magistrates, court clerks and police following the privatisation of legal translation services in England and Wales.

And now we know how they did it.

They put a gagging order on anyone making complaints by threatening them under the Official Secrets Act.

You can read more about the privatisation fiasco here:

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And here’s more information about the gagging order:

Government gags magistrates over interpreter ‘fiasco’ in courts

This means the government is preventing us – the taxpayers – from knowing anything about any problems there may be with the private firms they have decided to give our money to.

I wonder if we can now expect to see the same brilliant government solution to solving complaints in other privatised sectors – hospitals, rail, schools, energy etc etc etc too?

If you know of any similar gagging orders in other industries the government has put in place to cover-up problems of privatisation, be sure to let me know.


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