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(not satire – unbelievably – it’s the coalition government!)

The farcical story of how a Delboy character managed to bring the whole of the UK justice system to a virtual halt after he persuaded government ministers to hand over a £300 million contract to a company he set up in his own bedroom is still rumbling on.

The story really has to be read to be believed. It’s difficult to believe anyone – even this government – could be so incompetent when it comes to running our essential services and so reckless with taxpayers’ money.

You can read the original article here:

Meet ALS – the new G4S (or how Delboy hoodwinked ministers out of £300m)

The House of Commons Justice Select Committee, which has launched an inquiry into the whole sorry mess, last week had a chance to hear from Delboy – a man called Gavin Wheeldon – himself.

Unsurprisingly, Wheeldon defended himself by doing what every other self-serving incompetent con-artist from A4e to G4S has done when found out they are milking taxpayers’ money for providing substandard services under the coalition government.

He blamed his staff.

Actually it’s even more Kafkaesque than that. He didn’t exactly blame his staff. He blamed the many professional legal interpreters who prefer to work freelance and refuse to work for him for half their usual hourly rate – especially after he also announced he wouldn’t be paying them any travel expenses.

So it would be more true to say he blamed his potential staff.

In a way, however, this all a bit of a smoke screen. Because the real blame for the whole shambles should really be placed fairly and squarely on the shoulders of government ministers.

It has now been revealed that before the £300 million was handed over to Delboy, a credit report commissioned by the Ministry of Justice itself – which warned ministers not to give more than £1m a year of business to Wheeldon’s company Applied Language Solutions – was ignored by everyone from the then Justice Minister Ken Ckarke downwards.

Still. I suppose for the cabinet of millionaires running our country – what’s a few hundred million of taxpayers’ money between friends?


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