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Republican Party presidential candidate Mitt Romney has told supporters that Hurricane Sandy which has brought devastation to the east coast of the US and flooded central parts of New York, is God’s way of telling the US taxpayer that Wall Street needs bailing out with even more of their money.

In a major speech on the crisis, Mr Romney said:

The sight of cars floating down Wall Street is a clear message from God that we have to keep our top bankers afloat with more bail outs and tax cuts in case they are in danger of not having enough money to pay themselves big enough bonuses to buy a new car this Christmas.

However, a spokesperson for Democratic candidate Barrack Obama refuted Mr Romney’s interpretation of the recent tragic events:

We don’t think it means we have to bail out Wall Street with tax cuts or more taxpayers’ money. On the contrary, we think God’s telling us very clearly that Wall Street is awash with slippery pirates working in an extremely fishy industry who need to be thoroughly flushed out along with the rest of the sewer rats who reside there.


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