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UK safety experts are warning that hundreds of thousands of children are in danger of being maimed or seriously hurt by a lack of visibility as clocks are turned back by the government to the Victorian era.

As the coalition prepares to put the clocks back more than 150 years, safety charities are appealing for action to prevent further casualties as darker days of austerity make it harder to ensure children are protected from the now mounting number of government car crashes involving government ministers.

Child safety activists are urging ministers to protect vulnerable people such as children and the elderly by slowing down their numerous and dangerous u-turns around homes, hospitals and schools.

Charities are also renewing calls for the government to put an end to winter blues by turning their policies forward by at least a century in order to ensure hundreds of elderly people don’t die of cold this year as usual.

However, a government spokesperson said there were at present no plans to put the clocks forward on coalition thinking as killing off old people every winter is estimated to save the NHS £138 million annually.


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