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(not satire – it’s Boris Johnson!)

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced plans to set up a dedicated unit at city hall to encourage a lot more “free schools” in London.

But maybe we should remind ourselves what exactly is so free about ‘free schools’?

Let’s see what Johnson’s mate, true blue Tory Toby Young, who was one of the first to help set up a “free school” in London, thinks free schools are free from.

According to Toby, one of the biggest advantages of ‘free schools’ is that they are free to ignore what he calls the ‘ghastly’ need to be inclusive – specifically that they are free from the need to have things such as ‘wheelchair ramps’ installed.

Don’t believe me that Toby thinks disabled children should be excluded from his free schools?

Well, take a look at one of his articles in the Spectator – in which he really does say that wheelchair ramps in schools are an example of ‘ghastly, politically correct’ inclusiveness.

But there’s something else free schools are free to do. According to Jamie Oliver, they are free to sell as much junk food as they want to their pupils – food which is banned in schools run by local education authorities.

So now we know the real story.

Boris Johnson has announced plans to set up a dedicated unit at city hall to encourage a lot more schools in London to be able to exclude disabled pupils from education and sell junk food to our children.

Call me old-fashioned, but that’s not good, is it?


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