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(It’s not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

A former Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, Dr Vincent McKee, has just been found guilty on 24 counts of fraudulently stealing thousands of pounds from hard-up students and their families.

Mckee stood as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Coventry North West in the 2010 General Election, which admittedly was before the present allegations of fraud came to light.

And to be fair to the Liberal Democrats, as soon as they became aware of the allegations, he was suspended from the party.

But there’s another ‘problem’ with McKeeand this particular ‘problem’ was known well before the Liberal Democrats chose him for their parliamentary candidate.

Mckee’s other ‘problem’, apart from being a convicted fraudster, is that he also happens to be a racist, violent, homophobe.

As far back as in 1989, Mckee was sacked as a lecturer from the David Game Tutorial College in South Kensington, for calling Asian students ‘Paki’ and black students n****r as well as actually physically abusing a Nigerian student who made a formal complaint about him.

Amazingly, he was also sacked in 1994 from the South Bank University in London for making racist and homophobic comments to the students there too.

In 2005 he set up his own company called I.C.U.T. which right from the beginning received complaints about ‘financial irregularities’ from mainly foreign and overseas students who accused him of stealing money directly from their bank accounts.

Again, all of these events were well known before McKee was chosen by the Liberal Democrats as their Parliamentary candidate in 2010.

How is it possible that the Liberal Democrats didn’t know anything about this man’s violent, racist past? Or do the Liberal Democrats make a habit of selecting racist, violent homophobes to be their MPs?

Answers please, on a postcard, to Nick Clegg c/o the House of Commons.

By the way, if you want to hear McKee in action, a Belgian student with an Arabic sounding name recorded him in mid-racist rant on his telephone and posted it on YouTube.

You can listen to it here:

Dr Vincent McKee racist rant


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