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The row over the four-decade abuse of innocent politicians at the hands of the media has intensified after it emerged that another powerful top media executive – still alive and active today in TV and journalism –  for decades was regularly abusing naive Prime Ministers, cabinet members and other members of parliament.

Rumours of the sick abuse of unsuspecting ministers by the well-known media executive, known as “Uncle Rupert” to his victims – most of whom he picked up from locations in central London such as Whitehall and Downing Street –  were said to be common knowledge, despite evidence that his abuse continued for well over four decades.

A former senior news editor said he was told about the systematic abuse by “Uncle Rupert” of credulous MPs – most of whom were in awe of him –  as early as the 1970s when the respected media executive began to think he was above the law and could get away with abusing whichever politicians he pleased without fear of retribution.

The senior news editor, who has asked to keep his identity secret for fear of retribution by the still powerful media figure, said

Week after week, politicians from all over the country would win competitions and elections and would come unsuspectingly to meet “Uncle Rupert”.

He would welcome them, show them around, give them lunch, ply them with sweet offerings before subjecting them to the most horrific abuse imaginable in his newspapers. Amazingly, despite the systematic abuse, decade after decade, MPs and politicians from all parties kept coming back to him for more.

“Uncle Rupert” switched his abusive attentions to opposition leaders during the 1980s when he became friendly with the then prime minister, Margaret Thatcher and is said to currently enjoy a close relationship with ‘friends’ in high places such as Chipping Norton and Downing Street.

But one victim from the 1980s, Neil K,  recalls being just 41 when he was first subjected to perverse abuse at the hands of “Uncle Rupert” – and claims the unbridled vile debasement continued at regular intervals for years.

He was then horrified and appalled to see just a few years later many of his own colleagues – who were all well aware of the stomach churning treatment he had had to endure at the hands of the arrogant and all-powerful media giant – risk their own abuse by queuing up to praise him in order to get favours for themselves.


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