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Political party embroiled in ‘plebs’ police row tells David Cameron it will stay away from next week’s gathering of itself in Birmingham to avoid being ‘distraction’

The government’s chief party, the Conservatives, has decided to pull out of its conference next week following several recent scandals including claims that it thinks police officers are “plebs” and widespread suspicions in the media that it couldn’t organise a drinks party in a beer factory.

A friend of the party said it had informed David Cameron it would not be attending the gathering in Birmingham as it feared its deep ineptitude, arrogance and incompetence could mean its presence at the conference would distract from the proceedings.

The friend said:

At the moment the Tory Party is planning not to go to its own conference. It was its own decision. It doesn’t want to be a distraction.

Although the Conservatives had not been expected to say anything of significance at their gathering, it is highly unusual for an entire party to stay away altogether from its own annual conference.

While the Tory Party has apologised to police over the altercation, which happened last month outside Downing Street, the party has also alienated many parts of the electorate by refusing to apologise for thinking the vast majority of them are “plebs” and forgetting not say out loud that they should “learn to know their place”.

It is thought the conference will be attended mainly by Mr Cameron alone, where during a televised open question and answer session with conference participants he will attempt to answer unscripted questions fielded by himself.


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