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Fabulously wealthy and glamorous internet businessman Michael Green has denied accusations that he has been living a double life as chairman of an obscure political organisation known as the ‘Tory Party’.

In a television interview, web whiz Michael Green denied using an alter ego and living a double life as a senior UK ‘Member’ of Parliament. He also rejected claims he had posed under the bizarre pseudonym ‘Grant Shapps’ as co-chairman of a shady cult known as the ‘Conservatives’- an obscure grouping of degenerate eccentrics who have been accused of harbouring outlandish and extremist right-wing political views.

While he was working as a successful millionaire web guru – making his customers $20,000 in 20 days with the help of his online guides priced at $497 – Green is said to have also been presenting himself as ‘Grant Shapps’, an apparently senior Tory MP who is supposed to have attended ‘cabinet meetings’ where oddball ludicrous ideas were discussed such as taxing Cornish pasties and killing badgers.

Green denied the accusations after the Guardian printed a picture of the enormously successful businessman apparently attending a Tory Party conference wearing a “Grant Shapps” name badge.

The controversy comes just a month after Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt denied being the disgraced ex-Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt who was sacked after it was discovered he was in the pay of an infamous criminal organisation known as the ‘Murdoch’ family and a Selfridge’s towel folder called George Osborne denied he was living a double life as the infamous ‘Gideon Osborne’, a cocaine addicted Chancellor of the Exchequer who was responsible for the criminal destruction of the UK economy.


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