Education Minister Michael Gove has been dubbed ‘too scary’ for children under 12 years of age by the British Board of Film Classification.

It is the first time that the BBFC has classified a government minister, after it assessed Mr Gove following feedback from a testing panel.

However, the BBFC’s decision has been criticised by experts and psychologists, who say the cabinet minister is too scary for anybody even under the age of 97.

One child development expert explained:

It is clear that children need to be protected from any education minister who is as creepy and deeply disturbing as Michael Gove is – and it is absolutely imperative that people of all ages are protected from the risk of being seriously traumatised by him. In fact he should probably be banned altogether.

After the assessment of Mr Gove by its panel of experts, the BBFC recommended the Education Secretary should be classified in the ’12A’ category, which allows for “moderate physical and psychological threat, provided that disturbing actions or dialogue are not frequent or sustained.

However, the BBFC also concluded that the Tory MP for Surrey Heath regularly gave rise to what it called “intensely scary moments, in some respects comparable with unpleasant or frightening scenes which may be experienced in horror or science fiction films at ’12A’/’12’.


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