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(not satire – just uncomfortable truth)

UPDATE – he’s dead (31st December, 2012)

There’s no longer any dispute over who the Sun editor Kelvin Mckenzie’s source was for the disgusting lies he printed in his infamous article about the Hillsborough disaster.

It was – according to Mckenzie himself – former Tory MP for Sheffield Hallam* Sir Cyril Irvine Patnick (who wasn’t even present at the match).

Irvine even openly tried to shift the blame onto the fans in parliament by asking the home secretary to “examine the part that alcohol played in the disaster”.

He was also particularly singled out for criticism in the Hillsborough Independent Panel’s report on the Hillsborough disaster published on 12 September.

It’s disgraceful someone as culpable as he is in the appalling attempt to blame the victims should be able to keep his title.

Or like Savile will we have to wait until he’s dead by which time we’ll be told it’s too late to strip him of his title?


UPDATE 1 – Here’s a copy of Patnick’s original letter to West Midlands Police in 1989, in which he admits he told the media the lies about drunk fans etc.

UPDATE 2 – Oh dear, it appears Patnick has been sacked as patron of the Home Business Alliance. The HBA used to have a page with a message from their patron – Sir Irvine. Now there is only this – and no mention of Irvine on their site at all. 

UPDATE 3- finally finally finally people have started talking seriously about stripping Patnick of his title and OBE. Although if Cameron actually had the balls to do it – I’d be prepared to shave off my beard.


For the real facts about the Hillsborough tragedy – have a look here:

Hillsborough Justice Campaign


*Sheffield Hallam is now the constituency of one Nick Clegg. Just saying.


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