A national month-long campaign urging Britain’s 8 million Tory voters to quit the debilitating habit of voting Conservative has been launched by health campaigners.

Stoptober“, which will run for 28 days from 1 October, backed by Heart Research UK and the British Cancer Foundation, will attempt to persuade remaining Tory addicts to kick the habit of voting Conservative for the sake of their own and their loved-ones’ health.

Davies said:

Voting Tory is still the biggest cause of premature death in England, taking more than 100,000 lives in the UK every year. This is the first time that we have launched a mass quit attempt like Stoptober and would encourage people who want to quit being a conservative supporter to get involved.

Nick Smith, Heart Research UK’s director, said:

Voting conservative accounts for nearly a fifth of all deaths so it’s vital that work continues to support hard-core conservative supporters to quit. Breaking the addiction to right-wing politics is difficult so new and innovative campaigns such as this are hugely important.

And a spokesperson for the British Cancer Foundation, said:

Stopping voting conservative is the single best thing you can do for your own health, as well as those you love and live with. About two thirds of voters say they want to quit supporting the conservatives, so Stoptober provides a great opportunity to join thousands of people in the same situation and ditch the Tories for good.

An expert on helping Tory voters to kick the life-threatening habit told the BBC:

It costs the NHS over £2.7bn a year, over 1,200 people are admitted to hospital every day as a result of voting Tory, so this is an enormous killer. With the number of lives that are lost, and the number of families that are destroyed, we hope this campaign will help as many people as possible to quit being addicted to such a destructive habit as voting conservative.

In an effort to boost the campaign, health campaigners are also hoping to persuade the government to force Tory candidates to have graphic health warnings displayed prominently when out campaigning in public.


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