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The Business Secretary Vince Cable has backed Nick Clegg as an ineffectual deputy prime minister saying he should remain in his position as top fag to David Cameron and continue the job he has undertaken of becoming the most unpopular leader the Liberal Democrats have ever had.

In an interview for the BBC, Mr Cable said the deputy prime minister had the necessary arrogant qualities to continue ignoring the inevitable and praised Mr Clegg as being ‘sufficiently thick-skinned’ to ride through the criticisms:

It’s inevitable in the mid-term of Parliament when parties’ popularities wane, when difficult decisions are being made, that some of the activist base will not be happy at the utter fecklessness and ineptitude of their leader.

But Nick Clegg is doing a great job of being the most unpopular leader we’ve ever had and it is essential he continues being so useless because it can only make my life easier when the time comes for me to stab him in the back.

Mr Cable denied the party was facing wipeout at the next election and insisted the party could recover support through a policy of turfing out Clegg just before the next election and making out that all along they hated him just as much as everyone else in the country did.


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