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(This isn’t satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

The single most common argument Liberal Democrat supporters use to defend themselves on the tripling of tuition fees whenever I try to debate the subject with them is that Labour were the first to introduce them.

They’re right of course about Labour being the first to introduce tuition fees, but what a bizarre argument.

What they’re basically saying is that because Labour were really shit and introduced some really shit ideas when they were in power, it means they have the right to continue with the same shit ideas too and in fact make them even more shit. In the case of tuition fees, three times more shit to be exact.

The second argument they use is that they’re in a coalition and sometimes have to accept what the Tories want, even if they think it’s a shit idea and don’t agree with it.

So what they’re basically saying there is that if the Tories have a shit idea, they have to support the idea no matter how shit it is because coalition government means having to introduce your coalition partner’s shit ideas sometimes too.

Which I think rather begs this question:

Why do the Lib Dems have to keep stealing shit ideas from the other two parties?

Haven’t they got any shit ideas of their own?


For a slightly more intelligent opinion on the Liberal Democrats and coalition government, have a look at this article here from Think Left:

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