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Conservative politician and novelist Louise Mensch is to stand down as an MP, so she can move to the US and spend more time with Rupert Murdoch’s family, the party has announced.

The MP for Corby is moving to New York with her three children and her husband of a year, Peter Mensch, where she will be able to be close to Rupert Murdoch, his sons James and Lachlan as well as his daughter Elizabeth.

The MP, who won her seat in 2010 with a 1,951 majority, said she was finding it increasingly difficult to juggle Murdoch family responsibilities with her political career and her decision to quit politics was “devastating but necessary if I want to make a lot more money”.

Writing to the prime minister to announce her resignation, Mrs Mensch said:

As you know, I have been struggling for some time to find the best way to spend more time with the Murdoch family, and have decided, in order for us to be together more, to move to New York to be closer to them.

In his response, the prime minister said it had not been an “easy decision” for the MP:

It is with enormous regret that I accept your resignation as the MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire so you can spend more time with your money.

I do so only because I wish to support you in acting in the best interests of the Murdoch family, which obviously must always come first.

Mrs Mensch has recently set up a rival site to Facebook called FacePalm.


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