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The coalition government has announced plans to drop Lords reform after data revealed most peers were probably too set on a life of villainy and corruption to be rehabilitated.

Figures show that re-offending rates of many Lords – some of whose families have had generations of vice-hardened peers living lives of depravity, corruption and delinquency – are so high that rehabilitation of the vast majority of them would be unfeasible.

A spokesperson for the government said:

Once we saw the figures on how corrupt and institutionalised most of the Lords are, we knew immediately that any attempts at reforming them would be impossible. And considering the fact that most of them have shown no remorse whatsoever for their depraved, immoral lifestyles, we’ve decided rehabilitation would be a complete waste of time and it would be far better better to lock them away from the rest of society, in a secure institution such as the House of Lords for life.


Have a look here for how corrupt most peers are in the House of Lords:

Lords Outing – On Future Nhs Privatisation!


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