Former Labour supporter Luke Bozier, who since he deserted the Labour Party for the Tories has successfully carved out a new career for himself desperately stalking Tory MPs to persuade them to back one of his failed business projects, has launched a new social media website to rival Facebook to be known as Facepalm.

The move comes after Luke, an expert on multi-faced digital on-line and real-time double-crossing, recently launched a rival to Twitter called Menshn – a high-paced interactive chat-room application created so Luke and his business partner Tory MP Louise Mensch would be able to communicate with each other without her actually having to put up with talking to him face-to-face.

The launch of the new social media network – which Luke says is being aimed at the largely untapped former-junior-staffer-at-Labour-HQ-who-likes-to-pretend-he-was-someone-important-in-the-Labour-Party market, comes after Luke perfectly illustrated his personal expertise at on-line digital communication by completely forgetting to register his own name as a web address:


(Go on – have a look – it’s true.)

A spokesperson for the Conservative Party said:

Luke who? Never heard of him.


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