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Teachers to be given seven figure disciplinary packages under new rules

Under new rules of dismissal based on methods used in the banking sector, heads of schools will now be able to sack poor teachers after only one term, and incompetent teachers can expect payouts of as little as £2 million.

The new rules come as the government strives to ensure that the same methods of dealing with incompetent workers in the private sector – for example the kinds of punishing million-pound severance packages reserved for failed bankers – are applied to public sector workers too.

Headteachers will be able to sack teachers who fail to live up to expectations after only a few months in a post, and will be able to make sure they only get a package worth £2 million, a lottery-sized pension scheme and a luxury sports car of their choice under new rules introduced by the government from September.

Before the new regulations, heads say complex regulations meant it could take up to a year to dismiss incompetent teachers and severance packages were often non-existent – but under the new rules teachers can be dismissed and given seven digit pay-offs in a matter of days. This means – like in the private sector – they can then go on to take another job elsewhere where they can collect further massive pay-offs for being completely useless at teaching children.

Ministers have issued new regulations that allow heads the power to give huge amounts of taxpayers’ money to a poorly performing teacher after a school term. They also state that even when a teacher has gone on long-term leave for illness, disciplinary bonus payouts will not need to be stopped.

In a related development, the government have confirmed that lollypop ladies who fail to ensure the safety of children crossing the road, will be punished with £200 bottles of Bollinger, solid gold hand-made lady’s or gentleman’s Rolex watches and a luxury holiday for two on a Caribbean island of their choice.


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