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(satire – maybe)

You’ve already experienced the story of how millions were abused and humiliated at the hands of a cruel and wealthy man, Chris Grayling.

You’ve read how he demeaned and misused them – how he tied them up in unyielding bureaucracy – gagged them so no-one could hear their cries of pain – all for his own perverse pleasure.

Now read the final part of the story:

The year is 2015.

Grayling has had 5 years to indulge in his every perverse fantasy of domination – to humiliate those in his power – but now the tide is turning.

Now he is in their shoes.

It’s time for the final climax of the story.

It’s time for –

The Come-Uppance

Read an extract from the book here:

Grayling tried to look around him but the cable wrapped tightly around his body prevented him from turning his head. All he could see was the stick leaning against the wall which looked out of place amongst the shackles, torture equipment and other paraphernalia of the dungeon.

Suddenly she appeared in front of him. She looked different. Her submissiveness was gone, she looked confident, not exactly happy, but what was it? He struggled to think of what the expression on her face was and then he knew.


“What’s that?” he said, glancing down at the plate she was holding.

 A faint smile played around her lips. She was enjoying herself.

“It’s pie,” she said. “Humble pie.”

“What are you going to do with it?” The initial excitement of the election was gone and his voice was quaking with trepidation now.

“You’re probably wondering if it’s going to hurt,” she said. “Well, all I can say is, I hope so. Because this is what I’m going to do. First of all, I’m going to tie you up real good and put a gag over your mouth – so tight no-one will ever hear your cries of pain and hurt – just as you did to all of your victims for 5 years. Then I’m going to take this pie and cut it into large rough pieces.

She paused and leaned closer, her face almost touching his.

“And then you know what I’m going to do with it?

She was almost whispering now.

“I’m going to take it bit by bit and piece by piece and I’m going to ………..”


Want to know what happens next?

Find out in May 2015 –  the ending is up to you.


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