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A Scottish tennis player has lost this year’s Men’s Wimbledon Single’s Tennis Final to fluent English speaking tennis star Roger Federer.

In a nail-biting match, 7 times Wimbledon winner and English speaker Federer won the match 3 sets to 1, in a sport which was invented in England.

Federer, whose mother was born in South Africa which used to be a British colony, spent many years practising and perfecting his English and is now considered to be one of the most proficient tennis players when it comes to speaking the language.

In a related development, the chancellor George Osborne has directly placed the blame for the Scot’s loss on ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown, saying the previous Labour administration had a lot of questions to answer regarding their involvement in the Scottish player’s defeat:

It’s about time Labour came clean about Gordon Brown’s Scottishness – Murray is also from Scotland and he lost, so it’s clear there’s an obvious connection, isn’t there?


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