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Tory MP Lousie Mensch admitted on the BBC programme Question Time last night that she had been a class A user in her life, but when pressed by presenter David Dimbleby to say which people she had used she refused to reveal their identity, choosing to describe them only as ‘class A mugs’.

In a discussion on the abuse and use of mugs and other people by MPs, the chick lit’ writer said:

Like a lot of Tories, I have used a lot of people to get where I am – but I don’t want to glorify myself more than I already have so I’ll only say they were all class A mugs.

Experts say it is most likely the MP used a lot of people to get to where she is, including her parents, friends and husbands as well as using her fame as an author of third-rate teenage novels to get selected over other more suitable candidates to stand as Conservative candidate for Corby at the last election. It also believed the 41-year-old MP was continuing to take in large amounts of mugs as recently as 2010, when she persuaded a majority of voters in her constituency to vote for her.

A BBC spokesperson for the Newsnight programme, which included former Sex Pistols front-man Johnny ‘Rotten’ Lydon, defended itself against accusations from a  leading critic that it had been a mistake to include such a “self-obsessed C-list celebrity, foul-mouthed drug addict who contributed nothing to the political debate except self glorification’ by saying Mrs Mensch was the only Tory MP available to appear on the programme at the time.


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