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Rupert Murdoch has announced he is to split his troubled News Corporation empire into those businesses run by people that have been caught red-handed breaking the law and those still managing to evade justice.

Murdoch met with key executives on Wednesday at News Corp’s headquarters in New York to outline plans to split his troubled empire in two on Thursday, severing his US media assets, whose executives have not yet been charged with anything illegal, from his newspaper division which has had its reputation tarnished with international investors by having most of its staff arrested and put in prison.

The newspaper division is expected to include those businesses managed by Murdoch’s son James, whose biggest success, apart from managing to put most of the executives who were working closely with him in jail, was to not succeed in News International’s planned take-over of BSkyB, an almost impossible task considering he had just about all the UK establishment – including the British Prime Minister – rooting for him at the time.

After successfully managing to bring his father’s once seemingly impregnable news assets to their knees, James has now been moved to the US where it is thought he will also bring about their demise in record time.

Murdoch told executives one company would house News Corp’s entertainment businesses – including 20th Century Fox and the Fox broadcast network which still have boards of directors not facing immediate jail time – while another would hold publishing assets including News International, publisher of the Times and Sun in the UK, which are likely to be managed by directors doing bird from prison cells in correctional institutions all over Britain.

The move is a volte face for Murdoch who has consistently fought off calls to split his troubled newspaper assets run by dodgy, corrupt, crooked and unscrupulous bunches of crooks who are finally going to be doing time for their criminal actions – from his more fast growing media assets also run by dodgy, corrupt, crooked and unscrupulous bunches of crooks but who amazingly are still managing to evade capture.


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