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  • Chloe Smith, 30, attacked by rottweiler last night after dog ‘launched at her face’ live on television
  • Girl left alone to defend herself and needed more than 30 stitches after being ‘clawed and bitten’ in savage media attack

A pretty schoolgirl has been left scarred for life after she was savaged by a dangerous’ rottweiler as she sat on BBC’s Newsnight programme.

Chloe Smith, 30, was stitched up after she was bitten and clawed by the vicious animal, known to locals as Paxman, on live television.

The girl’s father Gideon Osborne, 37, was accused of abandoning the schoolgirl after it was revealed he had left her to look after herself while he was wining and dining work colleagues at his home at Downing Street, London.

A witness to the brutal savaging said:

The dog suddenly launched at her face. She immediately fell apart and started visibly squirming but there was nothing anyone could do to stop the attack.

Finally the dog must have got bored of playing with such defenceless prey and he allowed her to run home crying.

It was very cruel for her parents to have left her alone to be savaged in public like that.

Chloe was internally and externally stitched up and it is thought her wounded career will take years to heal – if ever.

The schoolgirl, from Norwich, will have to wait for a decision from a spin doctor with experience in cosmetic healing techniques before she can be seen in public again.

Police have since said, however, that no further action will be taken as the girls had entered a secure area where the dog was kept.

A Met’ police spokeswoman said:

We received a report at 9.55pm on June 26th that a young girl had been injured. On arriving we found the child had entered a secure area where the dog, Paxman, was kept.

All responsible steps had been taken by the owners to secure the dog and to make ministers aware of the possibility of dangerous attacks by this particular dog.

However after the attack, a spokesperson for the government said the savaging raised questions of how dangerous mauling of government ministers by the media could be prevented in future:

Paxman is a dangerous dog and he should probably be put down before he harms any more ministers.

The BBC had better watch out because if they don’t rein in their attack dogs and ensure the safety of government ministers, we’ll pass legislation to ensure dangerous presenters like Paxman are neutered.


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