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Britain may have to seek fresh things to pin the blame on for its own severe economic problems as the euro crisis is now facing such entrenched political obstacles that it could be impossible to continue to use it as a believable excuse for our own economic incompetence, David Cameron warned on Monday.

EU leaders meeting at the G20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico are facing intense pressure from G20 countries outside the eurozone – including the US, Australia and Indonesia – to find new excuses for the way they’ve managed to make a complete pig’s ear of their economies. The meeting was called so world leaders could try to agree a joint strategy for passing the buck over the economic problems of their own making after nearly five years of crisis.

Barack Obama sought out a specific bilateral fudge with Angela Merkel as well attending a collective meeting with representatives of Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Britain where discussions centred round finding other people to blame for their woeful handling of their economies.

Cameron said a longer term roadmap for putting the blame on someone else rather than just disabled people and the countries in the Eurozone was going to be hard to achieve:

After nearly three years in charge it’s obviously getting more and more difficult to pin the blame on Gordon Brown for everything. It may be that the crisis with the single currency is going to continue for some time, in which case we will have to do all we can to find other things outside the Eurozone we can blame – for example the Chinese or global warming or something.

Experts say the leaders at the meeting urgently need to come up with a joint and viable strategy to successfully shirk responsibility for the bungled way they’ve all been dealing with the crisis before the world slips into further recession, people start to realise what a bunch of clueless idiots they are and they all get unceremoniously turfed out of office.


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