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The Chancellor, George Osborne, has blamed leading Euro 2012 football championship players – particularly Germany’s and France’s – for the UK’s double-dip recession and for “killing off” Britain’s prospects for economic recovery.

In a stark message to the leaders of the 16-nation football championshipsthe chancellor said the Euro 2012 players were facing a “moment of truth” if they were not ready to accept the blame for the financial mess he has brought to the country’s economy and he voiced his exasperation at the repeated failure of European footballers to find a permanent solution to the economic crisis facing the continent.

The shadow chancellor, Ed Balls, however said Osborne should not blame Europe’s sportsmen for his own mistakes in handling the economy:

The Chancellor urgently needs a change of course and a Plan B. If we fail to act now over his countless own goals, we will pay a very heavy long term price and our economy may even end up playing at the same level as Ukraine’s or Ireland’s.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Osborne said that while there were signs of a solution to Spain’s tiki-taka banking system in the latest round of matches  – it would not be enough to allow him to successfully pass the buck:

Obviously during the Euro 2012 championships it’s much easier for me to blame countries like Germany, France and Spain for my own woeful handling of the economy. And if England lose to France – or even better to Germany again on penalties – hopefully I’ll be able to blame players such as Gomez, Benzema and Fabregas for my pasty and granny tax f**k-ups too.


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