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Lady Warsi, the Conservative party co-chairman, has revealed a radical new government plan to solve the severe housing shortage in London by encouraging MPs and peers in both of the houses of parliaments to pocket large amounts of money from the taxpayer in rent for overnight accommodation while staying rent free with friends or in their second homes.

In a statement Lady Warsi explained the thinking behind the plan:

By freeing up all the second and third homes owned by MPs and peers in the capital, thousands of homes will become available for rent on the market – thereby easing the housing shortage in London. Obviously it’s a big sacrifice for us, having to rent out our spare homes to strangers for huge amounts of cash – but we believe that we all have to do our bit for struggling families in a time of economic crisis like this.

On Sunday Warsi announced she had already put into operation her own personal plan to relieve the shortage of available accommodation for rent in London – by claiming expenses from the tax payer to cover overnight accommodation when she was actually staying with a friend for free. She also revealed she had personally been helping to make accommodation more affordable to struggling lower and middle-income families by not declaring the rental income from a flat she owns in north-west London in the Lords register of interests.

Sir Alistair Graham, a former chairman of the committee on standards in public life, said on Sunday that he was so impressed by Warsi’s actions, that a full investigation should be launched into her strategy for relieving London’s housing shortage.

John Mann, a Labour MP, was also impressed and has already said he will ask Paul Kernaghan, the Lords’ commissioner for standards, to investigate Lady Warsi’s various methods of helping struggling families, which date back to early 2008.


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