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• Lib Dem leader not approached for interview
• Clegg considered too ‘crap’ for role

The prospect of Nick Clegg becoming Liverpool manager has receded after the club’s owners, who are not even thought to have spoken to the Deputy Prime Minister, made clear their lack of interest in the 44-year-old by saying he was crap.

Clegg has not been a frontrunner for the Anfield vacancy following Kenny Dalglish’s sacking last Wednesday and is not being considered for any position of leadership anywhere, after his disastrous management of the Liberal Democrats has led them to the brink of relegation from the House of Commons.

Clegg had been hoping to hold formal talks with the principal owner, John W Henry, and the chairman, Tom Werner, as the Liverpool hierarchy settle on a shortlist for the post – but the deal seems to be off the table after the owners didn’t even bother to return his calls.

A spokesperson for Liverpool Football Club in a statement explained their total lack of interest in the Liberal Democrat leader:

I can confirm that Mr Clegg has not been approached for an interview as manager of Liverpool and his candidacy can be discounted completely. We might be American and not know all that much about UK politics, but even over here we’ve heard about how completely and utterly crap he is at managing anything.

Mr Clegg has seen his prospects diminish amid zero interest from Fenway Sports Group who instead have been looking into employing Andre Villa-Boas, Roberto Martínez, Brendan Rodgers and other managers all of whom, unlike Clegg, have had successful top-flight careers as leaders.

But the Liberal Democrat manager, who guided the party to a local election and national polling catastrophe double in his one season in charge, has made it known he is keen on the Liverpool post after it became clear to him his career in politics is going down the pan and his contract was likely to end well before the next elections in 2015.

A spokesperson for Mr Clegg said:

The Deputy Prime Minister is still in the process of choosing the right project for him and that decision will take the necessary time. But of course if anyone reading this would like to offer Mr Clegg a job managing something, anything at all, no matter how smallanything actually, he’d love to hear from you. Just get in touch and he’ll send you his CV – he’s available for an interview at any time. Thanks.


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