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Clegg hits out at ‘easier sacking’ plan after worries he and other Lib Dem ministers could lose their jobs

Nick Clegg has hit out at proposals by Conservative MPs that employers should be allowed to sack unproductive staff without explanation after realising as a result of the legislation, his own job as Deputy Prime Minister could be in danger.

Speaking on Tuesday at a conference in London, Mr Clegg appeared to hammer a decisive nail in the coffin of the plan when he said the proposals would probably lead to his own and other Liberal Democrat ministers’ dismissal:

As a Liberal Democrat I am totally against these immoral proposals because if unproductive people are allowed to be sacked without any explanation, I’d most probably end up losing my own job. That is why our party is taking a principled stand to make sure this outrageous legislation never sees the light of day.

Tory sources said that David Cameron was preparing to shelve the plans anyway after a secret government study showed that as many as 80% of government ministers, including many from his own party, would be at risk of losing their jobs under the so-called ‘no fault dismissal’ proposals designed to make it easier for employers to dismiss workers who are superfluous to requirements.

A spokesperson for number 10 explained:

Obviously Liberal Democrat ministers are the most at risk because of their complete and utter irrelevance to anything at all, but our research has also highlighted how many of our own ministers are completely useless too – so it’s probably better all round if this legislation is put on hold, at least until we’re about to be in opposition again.


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