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Contrary to reports that the unemployed, including disabled and seriously sick people, are opposed to being made to work for free on government ‘workfare’ schemes, thousands have been volunteering for places in an NHS hospital after it was announced the Prime Minister David Cameron was to have a vasectomy there.

One of them, a registered blind man who has been told he is fit to work and will no longer be receiving disability benefits, explained his reasons for wanting to volunteer to work as an unpaid surgeon in the hospital:

I volunteered for a work experience placement as soon as I heard Cameron was going to have a vasectomy. I’m aware there’s fierce competition – there are lots of people who would love to get their hands on a scalpel and help the Prime Minister with his operation. But he shouldn’t be worried about the fact I can’t really see – his government assures me I’m perfectly fit enough to work.

In an unrelated development, the Prime Minister has unexpectedly announced a surprise turnaround and is seriously rethinking the government’s policy of forcing unpaid jobseekers to work in NHS hospitals.


Well – OK – Cameron isn’t really having a vasectomy. But I’m sure he would definitely find himself having a serious rethink of his workfare policies if he really was having one in an NHS hospital.

Wouldn’t he?


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