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The Prime Minister, David Cameron, hit back at criticisms that his government wasn’t taking the crisis in the Eurozone seriously enough by naming Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon as his favourite album of all time.

The emergency announcement of his musical preferences comes amid signs that Greece may be about to exit the Euro – further seriously deepening Britain’s economy woes – and causing an immediate re-evaluation of the Prime Minister’s musical listening habits.

Previously, Mr Cameron had decided to stick to his decision to name the Smiths’ The Queen Is Dead in answer to the economic crisis the country is facing.

However, it is believed that Number 10 is hoping the change of policy on the government’s musical tastes would also go some way to dealing with criticisms that the coalition government is unable or unwilling to deal with the serious questions which have arisen over the PM’s and other ministers’ too close relationship with executives from Rupert Murdoch’s News International – mainly by getting everyone to talk about music instead.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said:

It’s extremely important at times of crisis like this to assure the markets that we are absolutely resolute in our determination to listen to only the best music on our headphones – especially when we’re out jogging or riding with the neighbours. That’s why the Prime Minister has decided to deal with the serious economic and moral challenges which are facing the country at the moment by listening to more Progressive Rock music instead.

The Prime Minister also announced other emergency measures to deal with the threat of a pull-out of the Euro zone by Greece – a move which could adversely affect the UK’s exports and interest rates – such as putting his remastered Hot Hits 80’s easy listening CDs away like Shaking Stevens and The Cure, and promising himself to check out the latest from Florence and the Machine and Kate Perry.


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