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So Rupert Murdoch – publisher of the Sun, Fox News and the defunct News of the World – has labelled the report published by MPs on News Corporation’s handling of the hacking scandal  ‘highly partisan’ and contains remarks ‘along party lines’.

I checked it over and it doesn’t seem to be a joke. Not even a trace of irony.

Obviously Murdoch has built his entire empire on creating highly politically partisan publications. I can’t give a list of the lies he’s published over the years here, mainly because no-one would be interested in reading a blog post several thousand pages long.

So here are just three recent ones – one from Fox News and two from the Sun.

Fox News – Obama’s Christmas Tree Tax

The Sun – NHS Pays £32.27 for Loaf of Bread

The Sun- watching SKY can cure depression

The second untrue article (the paper unusually even had to retract it) about the loaf of bread is particularly depressing considering what the government were in the middle of doing to the NHS.

And the last one – claiming watching SKY (partly owned by Murdoch) can cure depression – is also ironic considering what Murdoch later said at the Leveson Inquiry:

We have never pushed our commercial interests in our newspapers

Mind you. Now I think about it, that’s not just ironic.

Isn’t misleading or lying to a government inquiry also supposed to be illegal?


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