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(Not satire – it’s Carnival Cruises!)

UPDATE – Yet another disaster for Carnival cruise passengers as a sewage filled Carnival cruise ship limps into port:

Passengers describe decrepit conditions on cruise


Carnival Cruises – Death But No Taxes!


Boy – if any company deserves a boycott it’s surely this one.

This company avoids taxes despite making billions in profits, regularly covers up the sexual abuse and even the deaths of its customers, pollutes the environment, exploits its workforce and deliberately leaves people to die an agonising death.

I’m talking about Carnival Cruises.

Take a look at these headlines which tell you more or less everything you need to know about one of the worst companies in the world – Carnival. Click on the links and read the full articles too if you can be bothered:

Cruise Liners Polluting the Oceans

P&O (owned by Carnival) denies equal pay to their loyal temp workers

P&O (owned by Carnival) crew on 75p an hour face losing their tips

Costa Concordia Tragedy Blamed On Owners (guess who?)

The cruise ship scandal – why do 20 people a year go missing on cruises?

Crimes on Cruise Ships Rarely Investigated

Cruise ship ignores stricken fishermen who were left to perish despite passenger warning

Carnival paid taxes of only 1.1 percent of their $11.3 billion in profits over the last five years

Christian Aid Alternative Tax Awards – Carnival Cruises for its outstanding and dedicated use of tax avoidance

Why is this not a scandal?

Do you think it’s anything to do with the fact that the Life President of P&O Cruises (owners guess who?) is Tory Peer Jeffrey Sterling, Baron Sterling of Plaistow, who was once known as Margaret Thatcher’s favourite businessman? 


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