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(not satire – it’s UK today)

UPDATE – 9 months after I wrote this article, people are starting to wake up to the destruction being wreaked by the government for the sake of a few votes:

Immigration crackdown deterring foreign students, says universities chief

Our incompetent Prime Minister, David Cameron is about to destroy one of the UK’s biggest exports just so he can win a few more votes from UKIP by looking tough on immigration.

Cameron’s just announced that the UK Border Agency is increasing the number of face-to-face interviews with potential students hoping to study in Britain, mainly to check if their English is good enough to study here.

For his and maybe your information, English language learning for international students is surprisingly one of the UK’s biggest exports, and is actually said to earn the UK more money than the banking sector.

The UK earns around £28bn from overseas students in the English language learning sector ranging from universities to small English language colleges.

By comparison, the UK earns around £19bn for financial services and £20bn for the automotive industry.

But his new policy will put a stop to all of those foreign students coming to the UK to learn English.

All so he can claw back a few votes from UKIP, who have been creeping up in the polls recently.

Cameron’s already caused a disastrous fuel crisis, not to mention a second recession, stemming from policies designed entirely to win his party more votes.

And now he’s doing this?

I thought Tories were supposed to be patriotic?

So why is he so willing to destroy our country’s economy for the sake of his own party?


BTW, I’ve just noticed Liberal Conspiracy have picked up on this too:

Cameron’s silly new plan to limit immigration


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