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UK citizens, already fed up with recent government moves to piss them off with a raft of annoying policy announcements, are protesting coalition plans to bug them even more.

The government has just announced it intends to drastically extend its powers to annoy the entire population, by passing legislation which will allow it to monitor everyone’s private emails as well as social media updates such as on Facebook and Twitter.

The enormously irritating move, comes after other exasperating policy announcements made recently by the government, such as giving tax breaks to the wealthy and taxing hot pies and pensioners.

A government spokesperson explained the thinking behind the recent raft of infuriating policy announcements:

The government is extremely aware of how much we’re getting on people’s tits at the moment but seeing as everyone’s so pissed off with us we may as well take advantage of it and push through as many annoying policies as we can. After all, we could hardly get more unpopular, could we?

A spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats explained the reason for the party’s support of more state intrusion into people’s private lives, despite expressing strong opposition to attempts by the previous Labour administration to introduce similar policies in the past:

We’re so unpopular we’re already past caring what anyone thinks of us.

he said.



Here’s a petition against the government’s plans to spy on us:


Here’s a good article on why the left should be the guardians of our civil liberties (note the word ‘should’) and why we shouldn’t trust the present government to safeguard them:

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