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BORIS Johnson called Ken Livingstone a “fucking liar” as they travelled in a lift together after the former Mayor used a four letter word and accused him of being a T**y.

The pair clashed furiously over Mr Johnson’s political affiliations in a fractious live debate ahead of next month’s London mayoral elections but it was only after the live radio hustings that shocking words such as C**********e and T**y were used.

The row continued off-air when a furious Mr Johnson swore at his Labour opponent and denied being a member of the T**y Party after Mr Livingstone accused him of keeping company with people such as the Prime Minister David C*****n and the Chancellor George O*****e.

Travelling up to the roof terrace to be photographed, the Mayor shouted at Mr Livingstone: “It’s all fucking lies, I’m not a T**y, it’s all fucking lies.”

In the debate, Mr Johnson denied accusations he was a C**********e and labelled suggestions he was in the same party as Michael G**e and Andrew L*****y as “ridiculous” and “slanderous”. Mr Johnson went on to call the claims “lies”, adding: 

Claims I have been a member of the T**y Party are completely without foundation. I may have met some T**ies when I was at university but I certainly have never been a T**y myself. Honest.

Political experts agree that if accusations that Mr Johnson was an active member of the T**y Party could be made to stick by his opponents, it would destroy the Mayor’s chances of being re-elected in May’s local elections.


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