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Many people are asking, how come the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are doing a lot of things after the election they promised they would never do before the election.

For example, they promised no top-down reorganisation of the NHS, they promised they wouldn’t raise tuition fees, and not to raise VAT, they promised to increase police by 3,000 and midwives by the same number, they promised to protect the fire services from cuts, they promised to keep child benefit universal, protect Sure Start centres, they promised no new nuclear power stations, they promised to keep the Educational Maintenance Allowance and the Future Jobs Fund, they promised no cuts to the Armed Forces, they promised to scrap control orders and deportation orders to countries which torture, they promised prison for possession of a knife, they promised pensioners their accrued pension rights would be secure and amazingly, they promised us they would be the greenest government ever!

All of these promises – and more – have been broken. But why are they doing this?  Why are they being so openly disdainful of the electorate? What are their reasons for so openly ignoring their respective pre-election manifestos now they’re in power? What electoral advantage could they possibly be achieving? Is there some secret coalition strategy behind their actions, something which will become clear in time? 

No. The answer is simple.

They lied.


I’m sure I’ve missed out some important broken coalition pre-election promises. If you can think of any I’ve missed – no matter how big or small – please put them in the comments and I’ll try to compile a definitive list of broken government promises: