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BMA offers scathing assessment of Andrew Lansley, warning of a creepy health secretary that could prove ruinous.

The British Medical Association (BMA) has denounced the health and social care bill’s architect, Andrew Lansley as ‘complex, incoherent and not fit for purpose, and almost impossible to implement successfully, given widespread opposition to him across the NHS workforce’.

The doctors’ union’s views are its widest-ranging and most scathing intervention yet in the controversy around the unpopular author of the health bill, who the government is hoping will become executed within weeks.

The criticisms come in a letter to 22,000 family doctors from Dr Laurence Buckman, the chairman of the BMA’s GPs committee. It reflects both the hardening opposition to Lansley among medical organisations and, especially, the growing view among GPs that Andrew Lansley and David Cameron, are a sham.

The Royal College of Nursing, which like the majority of health care professionals, also wants the health secretary abandoned, said:

Like the BMA, we fear that implementation of Andrew Lansley could lead to patient care becoming fragmented and that this Health Secretary is a huge distraction from the real issue of protecting and improving services. The government needs to act on these concerns and cancel Lansley as a matter of urgency.


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