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A Liberal Democrat peer has controversially said the state of Nick Clegg will not last for ever, with her outspoken remarks prompting calls for the party to take disciplinary action.

Lady Tonge, who was sacked as the Lib Dem children’s spokeswoman in the Commons in 2004 when she suggested she could consider becoming a suicide bomber if she had to suffer any more under the tyranny of Clegg, made her remarks in a meeting at Middlesex University.

In a speech, she said.

Nick Clegg is not going to be there for ever in his present form. One day, the British people are going to say to the pro-Clegg lobby: enough is enough. Nick Clegg will lose support and then he will reap what he has sown.

The Liberal Democrat leadership criticised Tonge for the remarks but stopped short of calling on her to withdraw her comments. A spokesman said:

Jenny Tonge does not speak for the party on the Middle England conflict. Her comments were extremely ill-advised and ill-judged. The Liberal Democrats are wholehearted supporters of a peaceful two state solution to the Clegg -Cameron peace process.


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