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Satirists and political sketch writers in the UK, along with the right-wing of the Tory Party, have welcomed the return of ex-defence secretary Dr Liam Fox to the political scene.

Dr Fox, who resigned from his position as Defence Secretary last year after allegations of an ‘improper relationship’ with Scottish businessman Adam Werritty, did not disappoint his many fans on the right and in satirical comedy when he marked his comeback with a statement that the government should make it easier for incompetent people to be dismissed from their jobs.

A spokesperson for British satirists explained why the nation’s topical comedy writers were extremely happy and relieved to see the return of Dr Fox:

While we recognise the derisive talents of other people in the government like Education Secretary Michael Gove and his brilliant idea of rewriting the bible or Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s inspirational idea to make NHS patients watch tape loops of his face at the foot of their hospital beds, neither of them are as capable or as talented as Dr Fox when it comes to leaving themselves open to having the piss taken out of them.

The spokesperson also said satirical comedy writers were particularly happy to see the return of a genuine idiot like Fox because many of them had found themselves being made redundant by the government’s successful attempts to satirise itself:

The government is doing an extremely good job of satirising itself, what with Tory ministers acting like characters from Dickensian novels and their LibDem counterparts trying to pretend they’re interested in anything other than grabbing as much power as they possibly can for themselves. That’s why we’re so happy to see the return of a genuinely earnest duffer like Dr Fox. It’s also why UK satirists are fully backing calls by the right-wing of the Tory party for a greater role to be taken in government by other dumbbells such as Theresa May. We’d be especially happy if she could start going on about cats again.

In related news, the right-wing of the Conservative party has also recently joined forces with British satirists to spearhead a campaign to encourage the government to give other clueless dimwits such as Nadine Dorries a bigger role in government too.


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