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Dr Liam Fox has backed recommendations to strip away employment laws and make it easier for the government to hire and fire under-performing ministers like him.

Mr Fox, who quit the cabinet in October following a discovery about how crap he was at his job, has given interviews this week in which he has called for more government action to deregulate the ministerial labour market.

The former defence secretary said changes to employment laws so that worthless ministers can be fired were vital to the government’s survival. His comments come amid reports Lib Dems are resisting the changes.

A Lib Dem spokesman said they backed plans to make business easier by giving more powers to employers to be able to “fire at will” – just so long as government ministers were exempt from the legislation:

We’re against these proposals if they include politicians because, if the PM can sack underperforming ministers at will, the Liberal Democrats probably won’t have any left.


Last year the government received a private report by businessman Adrian Beecroft which supported an easing of unfair dismissal rules for underperforming workers, such as government ministers and politicians.

The government has said it would consider including the ability for PMs to be able to dismiss ministers who were crap, as long as they were paid considerable compensation out of taxpayers money.

Mr Fox told BBC One’s Sunday Politics that ministerial market deregulation was “crucial” if the government was to remain in power:

Obviously as someone who was extremely crap in my position as Defence Secretary, I’m very aware how difficult it can be for the PM to dismiss useless people like me, but it is essential we take the bull by the horns so we can clear out as many of the other useless dingbats we’ve got in government.

The ex-defence secretary, who had to resign after being shamed and discredited over his relationship with a ‘friend’ Adam Werritty, said there was “obviously an argument inside the coalition about it” because there were a lot of incompetent ministers who would lose their positions if it were to become law.

A spokesperson for Labour said the party would be voting against the legislation:

We’re totally against the idea of making it easier for employers to fire their workers. Mainly because, after winning any future elections, we’ll also be needing to put complete incompetents in important positions of power too.


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