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Rupert Murdoch announces massive cut in price of bungs on Sunday.

A tabloid price war broke out this weekend as the Sun on Sunday, the Sunday Mirror, the People and the Sunday Star all competed to slash the prices of their illegal payoffs to bent coppers and corrupt officials.

The sweetener price war was in response to Rupert Murdoch’s announcement that under the table kickbacks by his new Sunday edition of the Sun would be cut by 50%.

Murdoch announced on Thursday there would be a substantial reduction in the price of information his new Sunday red-top would be illegally obtaining by greasing the palms of serving police officers and greedy government officials.

Richard Desmond reacted first by deciding on Thursday night to match News International’s move with a national cut in the cost of extortion by the Saturday edition of the Daily Star and the Sunday Star.

Trinity Mirror, which publishes the Sunday Mirror and the People, is also understood to be preparing a selective cut of 50% for unlawful payola and felonious gratuity by the two titles this weekend.

A spokesperson for News International, which started the price war, explained the reasoning behind the new strategy:

Like everyone else in the country, we have been deeply disturbed and genuinely shocked by just how widespread illegal payments to serving police officers and high-ranking officials is. That is why we now realise we can substantially reduce the costs of our bribery and enticements and there will still be plenty of high-ranking police officers and government officials willing to join the gravy train, dip their trotters in the trough and sell off official secrets for peanuts.


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